Adventures No Further a Mystery

The Cult of your Dragon has come to Phlan, a lawless refuge around the Moonsea. Now, without any substantial authority to halt the cult, other electricity teams from the Realms–the Harpers, Buy with the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords' Alliance , as well as the Zhentarim–ought to untite to stop the cult from satisfying its dim reason in town. Join the fight by participating in Anybody of five diverse missions targeted at halting the cult.

This limited adventure for 2nd level people might be function a aspect quest or the start to a larger campaign.

The Red Plumes have elevated patrols while in the area encompassing Hillsfar, and also a string of disappearances has followed within their wake. Obviously, this has roused the suspicion from the factions. Be a part of your factions and learn the reality at the rear of the missing farmers.

Bale, the kind gnome and operator of Bale’s Outfitting Outpost, contains a ask for for the adventuring celebration.  He lately rented four horses to a gaggle of youthful adventurers and they're late returning the steeds.

"The Fasting Worm for the Spider Feast" is usually a Dungeons and Dragons fifth Edition module for a party of three-5 gamers at degree 8. This a person-shot module is ideal for introducing your get together towards the Underdark and drow Modern society, showcasing a dungeon dive via a demon lord's snake-like carcass.

It’s been a very long time Considering that the persons of Welton have concerned about nearly anything but sheep ticks and late frosts, but now a pack of unusually identified wolves are spiriting away full flocks at a time and driving farmers from their fields.

A thing foul is afoot beneath the streets of the town. The figures investigate a missing laborer only to find a duergar mining Procedure in the city sewers. Can the people quit the duergar right before they More Help bring town walls crashing down upon their heads?

Inside the mists at the edge of Rely Strahd von Zarovich’s realm lies the Graenseskov, a land of deep woods and bleak hills overrun with wolves. A Beast haunts these misty lands, leaving bloody corpses and terror in its wake, the solution of a hag’s curse positioned on the boyar’s manor.

Take the adventuring social gathering to your savage land During this 4 to 6-hour 1 shot that can certainly be extra to any campaign.  The hunt: obtain a girl's son who has been lacking for ten years.  She's only just been given a map which could bring on his final regarded whereabouts.

The fabled sword of Selfaril is informed to bestow knowledge and electric power on whomever wields it, so The natural way its discovery has triggered rather a stir in Mulmaster.

In the unexplored of Toril a devious and wicked evil is making. An unnamed passionate team has strategies to build an unholy Military to brush over the entire with the Boarst Kingdom. The kingdom has created a contact out for adventures with exceptional expertise to “handle it”.

Have you ever wished that there was a means that you could maintain actively playing D&D though awaiting your team to fulfill once more? Now it is possible to…

During a summer drought, Mulmaster is threatened by a number of arson attacks. As the populace riots, accusations fly blaming Thayans, inhabitants in the ghettos, rowdy sailors, the refugees from Phlan and dozens of Other people. Can you clear up the mystery ahead of the metropolis burns?

Introduction: Here is the 2nd module in a sequence that follows up on furthering the adventure within the starter set Shed Mines of Phandelver. This module includes two mini places in good shape for exploration and delivers people more to the climax brewing during the Sword Mountains. The primary is a rescue mission of a noble from Waterdeep who has been captured while on journey.

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